Album Artwork and Video Preview for Casa

Casa, the new material you’ve been waiting for 3 years to get your sticky little hands on, is going to be the first track that we release for free. The final release date still isn’t set, but if we were betting men, we’d tell you to go all in on late April. Speaking of betting men, Craig is in Las Vegas right now putting an undoubtedly disgusting amount of bullshit in his system. We’re standing by with the stomach pump north of the border buddy!

You’ve rewarded us by waiting for this & the Eyes & Ears EP, in addition to giving us the reward……..of friendship. ***rainbow***
You’ve waited long enough, here’s a look at a whole bunch of stuff while you start building anticipation for Casa.

Big thanks to Steve Slater for taking the photo we used for the album art, when you see the video you’ll understand why we picked this picture.

Album Art:


Video Preview:

Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery:

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